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On a slope of Serra do Sicó, right in the centre of Portugal, old Aldeia de Cima had been abandoned for over seventy years or so, before it was discovered by Manuel Casal, who fell in love with its unique beauty and decided to bring it back to life. Carefully respecting the spirit of the region, old construction techniques were used to recover the limestone block walls covered with ocher lime to preserve the ecological, aesthetic basis, ensuring absolute comfort throughout the year. With four of its houses completed, Villa Pedra was reborn. Its basic concept lies in well being, peacefulness, quality and authenticity. Here, one will find time and serenity for reflection and the supreme privilege of doing nothing.

Breakfast is included on price but it’s prepared by the guests, therefore there are no time restrictions.

- Fresh bread
- Fruit juice
- Milk, coffee and tea
- Variety of cereals
- Butter
- Eggs
- ham
- Rabaçal’s Cheese
- Homemade jams
- Fruit

Every house offers a fully equipped kitchen, which allows the preparation of meals. At the market of Ansiães, on Saturday mornings, you will find a huge variety of vegetables from local vegetable gardens, besides the good meat and, of course, fresh fish from the neighbouring coast.

What To Do
 1. Rest, rest, rest 
 2. Gardens and terraces 
 3. Pedestrian walks 
 4. Giant cage 
 5. Villa Pedra’s Kitchen 
 6. Media center 

1. Villa Pedra’s concept lies in well being and peacefulness. Whether in the serenity of the swimming pool or in any corner of its gardens, find peace and time to relax.

2. All gardens and terraces in Villa Pedra communicate with each other. However, gates ensure the exclusive use of the gardens of each house to its guests. Areas are between 100m2 and 1300m2.

3. The region and its people are worthy of a journey to discover the historical places, the landscapes, the gastronomy and plenty of curiosities. Ask the owners and you will get many tips for several trails.

4. For children and adults delight, the property has a giant cage (poultry-yard) with a small lake where black swans swim, ducks exhibit their colors birds flit happily.

5. Villa Pedra’s restaurant is a space beautifully designed to offer guests a singular local gourmet experience.

6. Rural hi-tech: every house in Villa Pedra offers LCD TVs, DVD and CD players and a fixed broadband internet access.

Where To Go
 1. Trilogy of Roman Villas 
 2. Valley of the Buracas 
 3. Penela 
 4. Regional arts and crafts 
 5. River beaches 
 6. Atlantic coast and beaches 

1. Villa Pedra is inspired by the triad of Roman Villas that dominate the region. The Romans, knowing the exceptional characteristics of this territory, settled here and developed important urban poles, in the centre of which is Villa Pedra.

2. It is a small fluviokarst canyon of the pre-glacial epoch, whose slopes dug under the rock and small caves served as shelter for men and herds.

3. The urban nucleus offers important monuments. The highlight goes to the Castle and to the São Miguel’s Church.

4. The region offers a variety of interesting arts and crafts, like the wicker basketry and the patchwork quilts. Find them at the local weekly markets.

5. The green landscape, the peacefulness and the freshness of the Represas Naturais da Louçainha makes it one of the most pleasant places in the region.

6. With the Atlantic only 45 km away, it’s easy to have a fantastic day at the beach, to break the routine on a longer stay.

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Manuel Casal
Manuel Casal
Villa Pedra - Natural Houses
Rua Rechio e Seladas
3130-092 Pombalinho
Soure, Coimbra
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