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Tasca do Celso (Celso's Tavern) is a reference in Alentejo's typical cuisine, although the place has nothing to do with a "tasca", the owner’s name isn't Celso and even worse, he's not even from Alentejo. José Ramos Cardoso is from Lamego and was nicknamed "Celso" after his father, a well known and respected character of Milfontes. In a "restaurant where people can see the kitchen", his life’s dream, Celso spoils his customers, preparing them the food or indicating a good wine, one of the best qualities of the house. Celso has one of the most interesting wine cellars in the region, with wines from all over the country, particularly from Alentejo and Douro. After all, what else would you expect from an "alentejano" from Lamego?
house specialities

- Prawns a L’Ajillo
- Clams a Bolhão Pato
- Mixed salad
- Local sheep cheese
- Traditional homemade sausages

Fish & Seafood

- Grilled fresh fish
- Açorda of prawns
- Small squids Fried
- Stingray with garlic sauce


- Beef steak a la plancha
- Medallion on pepper sauce
- Black pork secretos
- Meat a la Alentejana
- Skewered mixed


- Strawberry pie
- Sericaia with Elvas plum
- Seasonal fruit
- Custard milk

Wine menu

Tasca do Celso offers one of the most interesting wine cellars in the region, focusing in particular on the regions of Alentejo (local wine) and Douro (Celso’s motherland). Anyway, wines from around the country are available, from Dão to Setúbal, passing through Lisbon.

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With its unique location close to the mouth of the Mira River and in front of the Atlantic, Milfontes is still one of the most charming villages in the region.

Odemira is directly connected to Milfontes by the flow of the Mira River. Try a quiet boat or canoe trip towards the mouth of the river.

South of Milfontes, discover the impressing promontory of the Sardão Cape with its powerful lighthouse.

Where to stay – HERDADE DO REGUENGUINHO at Cercal do Alentejo.

contacts & location
"The Tasca is a small dream that with time became an enormous source of personal achievement.
And a tribute to my father..."
José Ramos Cardoso
José Ramos Cardoso
Tasca do Celso
Rua dos Aviadores
7645-225 Vila Nova de Milfontes
[javascript protected email address]
+351 968 175 726
+351 283 996 753
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